Brilliant uses for your second garage

Brilliant uses for your second garage

Space is at a premium in every modern home, and re-purposing and renovating rooms is becoming increasingly popular. If you’re lucky enough to own a second garage, you may be sitting on a potential windfall for quickly and cheaply maximising the potential of your home. So, whether you want to entertain, use it as a space for hobbies, or utilise it for storage, here are some top ideas to help inspire you:

Add a recreation room

Being able to invite your friends over to unwind after a long week is a great stress-buster. If you’re a film fan, installing a home cinema system with a decent projector and sound system is easier before. For those with interests on the nerdy side, adding a baize-lined table is a great way to host your weekly board-game night and add additional storage space for your collection. Or, if you’re looking to add some class to your poker night it’s almost effortless to install a mini-bar and finally have a secluded space for your weekly poker tournament.

Build an indoor gym

Not enough time to make it to your local gym for exercise? Adding equipment to your newly available garage space is the perfect place to exercise. Even a smaller room is great for more compact pieces of equipment like exercise bikes, speedballs, or punching bags. And larger spaces can easily accommodate bulkier gear like running or rowing machines to help make sure you get the most out of your workout.

Recording space

Late night guitar sessions too loud? Drums forbidden in the house? Avoid disturbing anyone by turning your garage space into a studio. Noise dampening foam padding is cheap to buy online and install, and more expensive wooden or plastic baffle can be used to make sure that you don’t wake the neighbours. You can even upgrade your garage door to be able to let your band members or audience in and out easily, providing additional security for your instruments, equipment, and other valuables while you’re at it too.

There are plenty more ideas for how to convert your second garage as well, such as creating an art or craft studio, a peaceful library or reading room, and even transforming your garage into a microbrewery or micropub. Do you have any questions or queries about how to renovate your second garage or even just to maintain your primary garage? Get in touch with our team at The Garage Door Centre on 0800 046 3560 or contact us online to help keep your garage looking great with our fantastic selection of doors for every budget.