A-Z of Garage Door Jargon!

A-Z of Garage Door Jargon!

A-Z of Garage Door Jargon

When trying to choose a new garage door, it’s easy to get lost and confused in the jargon. At The Garage Door Centre we try to be as helpful as possible for our customers, so we’re jargon-busting with our glossary of the key terms you might hear, so that you can choose the perfect door for you:

ABS means acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a plastic material which can match your house’s uPVC windows and doors.

Anodising is simply an oxide film coat used on aluminium.

Astragal is just a stripping to seal the gap between the door and the floor.

Bottom Bracket is the support bracket at the bottom of the doors.

Bracket Mounted Track is an angle bracket to fasten vertical tracks to door jambs.

Cable Drums allow the cable to be moved backwards and forwards in a tidy manner that protects it and helps it to last longer.

Cable Safety Device is an important device that stops the door falling if the cable breaks.

Extension Springs give a lifting force to the track hangers.

Galvanising is a zinc coat to protect against rust on steel doors.

GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics) provides strength when garage doors are made.

Guide Rails help to ensure the door closes securely.

Jamb is the vertical frame for the door opening.

Rear Track Hangers attach the track to the garage ceiling.

Rollers are the wheels that travel along the tracks to give motion to a garage door.

Sectional Garage Doors provide a cover for the entire door opening.

Side-Hinged Garage Doors open outwards, unlike conventional garage doors.

Top Seal is a weather stripping and simply protects the opening of the garage.

Torsion Shaft is the lifting force for the cables and cable drum.

Torsion Springs help the door to move up and down and can be either manually wound or charged.

Track is a path for the garage roller wheels.

Don’t worry if you have any trouble understanding the technical specifications for garage doors, our team is on hand to give you expert advice. We can help you to find the right door, so call us today.