Top-tips to make your garage greener

Top-tips to make your garage greener

In 2018, make it your goal to be more environmentally-friendly and live a greener lifestyle. We can each do our bit to help the planet. Most people don’t think about their garage when looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, however there are many opportunities and small changes we can make to be that little bit greener! Here we explore how you can make your garage greener:

Change light bulbs

If there is one area in your house least likely to have updated and energy efficient lighting then it is your garage. The lights in your garage will use more energy than you think and should ideally be switched out with energy-efficient LED lights to save energy.

Insulate your garage doors

Most garage doors are flimsy and poorly designed, but a well-insulated garage door will end the constant loss of heat from your garage. To prevent outdoor air from leaking into the garage and into the attached home, Energy star recommends that you use garage doors with R-values between 13-17.5%, but most only have values between 5-7%. Plugging this gap will make your home far greener.

Handle hazardous materials safely

Everyday materials that you may store in your garage such as pesticides, automobile fluids, paints and anti-freeze can all be dangerous to people, pets and to the environment. Clearing out the shelf of unused hazardous materials can make your garage a safer pace and disposing of these correctly will help to make the world a safer place too.

Use energy efficient building and decorating materials

If you’re building a new garage then you should research the right materials to make your garage eco-friendly. Everything from solar panels to better-insulated windows can bump your garage from unfriendly to eco-friendly in no time at all.

Conserve water when washing your car

Collecting rainwater in a rain barrel connected to your gutters can make your home immediately more environmentally-friendly. Using this to wash your car, clean your patio and wash your pets saves you from wasting clean drinking water.

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The quickest and easiest way to make your garage more environmentally-friendly in 2018 is to buy a new garage door from The Garage Door Centre. Our doors are well insulated and can save you money on your heating bills. Call the team or contact us to find out more and get a quote.