Take back control of your garage! Tips for garage organisation and layout

Take back control of your garage! Tips for garage organisation and layout

The modern garage, despite its original function as a place to house motor vehicles, is often used as storage space to contain the overflow of miscellaneous items from our houses and gardens. Objects and materials, of too much use or value to discard but unsuitable for the garden or living quarters, are often hoarded in the garage and the interior space becomes cluttered as a result. A lack of free floor space makes it impossible to park a car, individual items become hard to find and the sheer volume of material creates obstacles that restrict movement.
What is the purpose of a garage?

The first garages appeared in the early 20th century, when automobile technology was still in its infancy, and provided cars with better protection against the elements than the tarpaulins of the day. In present times, however, it is typical for cars to be parked outside while the garage functions as a multi-purpose storage facility or workshop. Workbenches are often installed in garages on which pillar drills, table saws, belt sanders and other power tools can be mounted alongside mechanical devices such as vices. Domestic appliances such as fridges, freezers, tumble dryers and washing machines may also be kept in the garage as can gym equipment such as weights, pull-up bars and heavy bags.

What is in your garage?

Identifying the items in your garage, deciding what is worth keeping and which things should be thrown away is key to restoring order to your cluttered garage. Once the useless items, such as old tins of varnish or paint where the contents have dried, have been consigned to landfill you can begin the process of re-ordering your garage. When the contents of your garage are stored in an orderly fashion, such as in clearly marked boxes or trays, it will be easier to find things when you need them.

Which storage aids should you use?

Investing in storage furniture such as cabinets, chests-of-drawers, hooks, brackets and wall-mounted shelves allows us to make better use of the finite amount of space available within our garages. Cabinets, chests-of-drawers and other types of container furniture provide multi-tier storage space while shelves allow empty wall areas to be used for mounting storage surfaces. Hooks and brackets, attached to walls or ceilings, may also be used to free up surface space by suspending items above the ground.

Create garage plans in 3D.

The presence of a loft, cellar or mezzanine in a garage helps property owners to utilise the building’s three-dimensional interior space to maximum effect rather than trying to fit everything onto a single floor. In the past, before the advent of digital technology, it was necessary to mentally visualise the organisation and layout of a garage before committing the idea to pen and paper. In the digital age, however, it is possible to draw 2D and 3D garage plans using digital design software to create a virtual map of what the garage should look like.