The benefits of GRP garage doors

GRP (or composite) garage doors are the most sought after in today’s competitive door market. It has become a fast favourite alternative to the traditional wooden, PVC or steel type for many reasons, not least of them its wonderful versatility. GRP is glass reinforced plastic; polymer plastic composite reinforced by fibreglass. The result is a tough, durable and easily maintained substance that’s ideal for garage doors as it provides protection, security and style all at the same time. GRP garage doors can be moulded and decorated to suit personal taste guaranteeing the one thing customers most want when purchasing a door; a superb finish and ensured longevity.

Promising performance
The GRP composite garage door is an excellent performer because of its strengthened door leaf. This skin, (or outer layer) is well equipped to weather any storm, and can deal with the tougher elements of wind, rain and snow. This exterior shield acts like an invisible insulated thermal lining and the composition is so tough, your door won’t warp or develop unsightly bows or bumps. This in turn guarantees decades of durability, functionality and of course enjoyment. Because of its strengthened composition, GRP garage doors are safe and secure options when it comes to home security and they can be fitted with designed locking systems as an extra precaution.Attractive designs and low maintenance
One of the most innovate features of GRP composite garage doors is their easy adaptability to sleek design and colour choice. Traditional timber grain doors are still a very popular choice of garage door for many and the GRP door skin can be moulded to this specification. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a composite door and that of a mahogany or cherry-wood original, which lends that rustic charm and feel to your home without any of the usual drawbacks. The composite door leaf has another advantage as whatever choice of colour you make, it won’t fade over time, which is a common complaint made when it comes to regular PVC panelled alternatives. Composite doors come in a wide variety of colours to suit your preferred décor and style and they’re a cinch to maintain. As GRP is resistant to sun-fade it doesn’t require repeated coats of paint. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth occasionally and it will always look sparkling clean and like it’s just been recently fitted.