Why choose to upgrade to an automatic garage door

Why choose to upgrade to an automatic garage door

An automatic garage door, apart from feeling like a luxury, offers many benefits to its users.

One of the most optimal reasons to upgrade to an automatic garage door is that having one provides a great deal of security and peace of mind, because the door can only be opened via the allocated radio transmitter, as opposed to manual garages which can easily be targeted by burglars, particularly if left unlocked. There is also the added bonus of knowing that it can be opened from the comfort of a user’s car, which provides safety at night when it is dark for those who do not wish to vacate their vehicle alone. Similarly, an automatic light function is prompted upon use of the radio transmitter, illuminating the garage for a period of three minutes, meaning users do not need to worry about being left in the dark and struggling to find the light switch when they get in.

Upgrading to an automatic garage door also removes the element of hassle which occurs when a driver is required to leave the car, manually open the garage door and then return to their car to park it. Being able to drive straight into the garage by using a radio transmitter to open it from the vehicle eliminates any possibility of getting caught up in wet and windy weather upon arriving home.

Another reason to upgrade to an automatic garage door is the flexibility it provides to those who are elderly or disabled, who may otherwise struggle to be able to open a garage door, or even find it impossible to do so. Being able to do so with the touch of a button provides an invaluable option for those who may have previously resorted to parking in the driveway, and allows them to make use of their garage once again.

Last but not least, upgrading does not mean sacrificing style, and aesthetics are adaptable and can be complementary to the adjoining property, with a variety of characteristics to choose from. There also numerous extras that can be selected when upgrading to an automatic garage door, including additional radio transmitters, manual release keys and key-switches, all of which ensure a fully user specific upgrade and complete peace of mind for the purchaser.