What Colour Should Your Garage Door Be?

What Colour Should Your Garage Door Be?

There are many considerations to take on board when buying a new garage door and getting the right colour is just one. After all, we have to live with our choice for some time to come and making it as attractive as possible will enhance the look of a home.

Focus on colour unity

When it comes to making choices for the home and garden, there are always do’s and don’ts to follow. Among the ‘do’s’ is the need to consider matching a garage door to the shade of the house itself. This is especially important if we don’t want our door to look out of sync with our home or dominate the scene. Achieving colour unity can also help to make our homes appear larger.

The overall goal should be to create clean, smooth lines instead of a disjointed look. For the ultimate ‘clean’ look, consider crisp white colours, which are both timeless and classic.

We can still achieve a contrast

Although we don’t have to get an exact match with the colour of our home, we should stick to within a couple of shades on our home’s colour spectrum, even if we intend to create a contrast. Opting for a subtle difference will highlight the colour contrast without looking out of place.

Consider a wood grain effect, which can be effective, especially if living in the countryside or having a leafy garden, as this will give a rustic look to a property.

A word of advice

When it comes to what not to do when choosing the shade of a garage door, a good word of advice is not to colour match with the trim of a home, e.g. with guttering, drainpipes, and woodwork on the eves and fascias, etc. If we do, this can break up the overall cohesive look and make the garage door look clumsy or out of place.

Another obvious ‘don’t’ is not to use more than one colour on the garage door. After all, not many of us want our homes to look like an ice-cream van or a rainbow and, once we’ve slapped on the paint, it’s a little late to undo all that hard work!

Popular colours
The most popular colours today include blues, blacks, whites, greys, beiges, greens, and reds. There are so many to choose from but the most popular are a fairly safe bet as they’ve been tried and tested. In fact, these are on display when taking a walk around the neighbourhood and looking at other people’s garage doors.

Alternatively, pay us a visit! We offer a range of premium-quality garage doors and can advise what colour to choose. Simply get in touch with us for a no-obligation chat and we’ll be delighted to help. So, pick up the phone or send us an email today!