The Benefits of A Remote Control Garage Door

The Benefits of A Remote Control Garage Door

The garage is an integral part of the modern household. According to the 2010 English Housing Survey, the majority of privately owned houses and bungalows have a garage and 40% of all dwellings have access to one. Altogether that’s an estimated 9 million garages in England alone.

Although garages are being used less for car parking than previously, the RAC found that the majority of cars belonging to a house (rather than a flat) are still parked overnight in a garage (see Spaced Out: Perspectives on Parking Policy 2012).

The garage door is the main door fronting onto an alley or street and should be wide enough for a car to drive through into the garage. Pedestrian access to the garage is often through this garage door, although some garages will have a separate pedestrian door for ease of access.

There are 5 conventional designs of garage door: the canopy up-and-over; the retractable up-and-over; the sectional door; the roller door; and the side hinge. Each of these designs differs in their construction and method of opening and each has its pros and cons. All of these except the canopy up-and-over can be automated.

A garage door can be opened either manually or by an electric motor. The most obvious and well-known benefit to having a remote control garage door is not having to get out of the car in bad weather or late at night. The driver can sit comfortably and safely inside his or her car to open the door and only get out when the car is securely inside the garage. However, there are several other benefits to automating the opening mechanism.

The benefits of a remote control garage door


When it’s freezing cold or raining outside, it can be a real pain to have to get out of your car and open or close a garage door – it’s inconvenient and can leave your car open to opportunistic thieves who may break into it while you’re not looking. It’s much easier just to stay in your vehicle, keep warm, and watch the door open from the comfort and safety of your driver’s seat.


As automatic garage doors are operated remotely, there aren’t obvious places for would-be burglars to target. Older garage doors often have weak points in the design such as where the handle is positioned. Remote controlled doors will also automatically lock in place holding the door solidly closed to prevent forced opening by intruders.


There are also safety systems installed in remote control garages that will prevent the door from closing if there is an obstruction, saving many potential accidents. If your bonnet is blocking the door, the sensor will stop the door from closing. This helps to keep your car, pets, and children safe.


Automatic garage doors can actually help you save money in the long run. As less strain is placed on the door mechanism when opening and closing, the components and life of the door will be extended.


Garage doors are great but can often be considerably loud, especially in areas with lots of neighbours nearby. Soft start and stop not only reduces the strain on the door, but ensures that opening and closing is quiet and won’t disturb others at anti-social times.