Garage Door Maintenance Tips: How To Make Your Garage Last Longer

Garage Door Maintenance Tips: How To Make Your Garage Last Longer

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A garage door needs care so it operates smoothly, especially if it gets used several times a day. Here are some tips:

Visual checks

When you open and close the door, check to see it’s still working smoothly. If it jerks or is noisy the chances are it’ll need some attention. You can also check to make sure it looks hangs symmetrically.

Maintain the hardware

Due to the stresses and strains placed on a typical garage door, hardware can work loose over time, so it’s worth examining the roller brackets and bolts, tightening them if needed.

Test for balance

An unbalanced door will put strain on the door opener, decreasing its lifespan. If you disconnect the opener, then manually move the door half open, it should stay there. If not, the counterweight system’s out of balance and you should get a professional to adjust this.

Check the rollers

Inspect the rollers every 6 months and expect to replace them about every 7 years, or more often. Deteriorating rollers need to be replaced and if you’re not confident, get a professional to do this job.

Replace the rubber weather seal

A cracked weather seal on the bottom of your door won’t keep the elements out, so get a new one and cut it to size to replace.

Oil moving parts

Lubricate all moving parts with a small amount of spray lubricant to the door hinges, rollers and tracks.

Check cables

The high-tension cables that lift the door can be checked for wear near the bottom roller bracket and check for any broken strands in the cables themselves, but if damaged, professional help’s needed for a repair or replacement.

Test the safety features

Test the auto reverse by placing an object on the ground so the door touches it as it closes, upon which it should go back up. Test, the photoelectric system by breaking the beam as the door’s coming down, which should send it into reverse. If your door’s an older model, it may not have this feature, so best replace the opener.

Clearing the tracks

Check the tracks on both sides of the door to make sure there are no debris, but major adjustments to tracks must be carried out by a professional technician.

The door itself

Examine the door itself for damage, including warping and check the integrity of the paintwork. A door can be washed with a general cleaning fluid and repainted if necessary to keep it looking smart.